Rasų slėnis


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Residential community RASŲ SLĖNIS (Rasu Valley) is constructed in Vilnius at Rasų street. The site is situated in a valley surrounded by forest in Pavilniai Regional Park. 

Total area of the community – 12 803 sq.m.
Number of houses - 16 
Land of common use - 1067sq.m. (roads, pathways, infrastructure objects) 
Common area of residential private houses  -  from 198 to 350 sq. m.

Architect: Gintaras Kuginys (UAB "Architektura, dizainas, statyba")

Main advantages of this site :        

  • Convenient geographical location (3 km to the City Hall);    
  • Marvelous landscape, Park zone;    
  • Land plots of 500 - 1000 sq.m;     
  • Complete infrastructure with roads and  pathways.


Use of new modern building materials and modern architectural solutions make this community different from others.  Nine different types of houses joined into a harmonious complex, which balance each other and fit easily into the surroundings.

The concept of Rasu valey site project -  a creation of an integral urbanistic structure, that could be viewed  as a sign, a ceramic mark, which would develop and transform further on, taking shape of concrete architecture forms, interdependently with the existing situation and function. Thus, the residential development site, sepparate houses, is simply a consequence of the transformation of general urbanistic structure. In addition to that, all this process of transformation is realised from a single material – ceramics.

The urbanistic structure of the developed site, situated  in a valey and surrounded by green hills, is naturally integrated into natural environment. Red ceramic tiles, that cover the house facades and the pavement, not only produce unity for the urbanistic structure, but also intensify its relation with the natural environment.  Restored fortification instalations of the beginning of XX century – a residential dwelling, underground ammunition depot are an integral part of the urbanistic structure and provide an historical context.  Due to materials used, the dwellings of the development site maintain the architectural unity. The density, hight and laconicism of the architectural expression yield a humane scale for the development site.

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